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Dita Von Teese attends Davidoff Art Initiative cocktail party on March 13, 2015 in Hong Kong.

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Monarchy’s new video for ‘Black Widow’ will be out soon. It will feature Dita.

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LINDSAY: You have a video for “Black Widow” coming, right? Another one with Dita Von Teese?

ARMSTRONG: Yeah, that should be coming out in about two weeks. We’re good friends with Dita, so after “Disintegration,” we now catch up and hang out a couple of times a year. We might do another track with her, as well.

LINDSAY: Obviously Dita has a certain persona behind her name, and burlesque in general is all about lust and restraint. Do you feel like those themes correlate with your music?

ARMSTRONG: I definitely think that’s why, for me, “Disintegration” worked really well. Her image and our image and our music, and the way we wrote that track for her, I think that was a really good meshing. Her vocal line is almost like a jazz line in this electronic setting, and then the lyrics relate to her quite well. That collaboration was born out of a true friendship and an understanding between two artists.

When a picky customer like Dita Von Teese comes into the store, she’s looking for something special. A gold dress worn by legendary burlesque performer, Gypsy Rose Lee might just be it.

As we were getting ready to go to press, I was texting back-and-forth with Dita about her cover and her thoughts were it didn’t look like her. She asked if I’d made her lips larger. Hmmm, good catch Dita. It wasn’t that we made her lips larger, it was that we’d shot at such a low angle, we pinched the jawline, because it looked too wide. The challenge with altering anyone’s face—especially one as recognizable as some of these celebrities, is that the slightest modification can alter them from looking like themselves. This was a good case in point.

I agreed with Dita and decided to hold the presses and to run this image (below) on the cover instead. It’s a flattering shot for her face and the best part is that it looks like Dita! I also decided to kill one of the inside shots that I was going to run, the black and white image. It’s always better to run a shorter story with “great” shots; than to dilute a fashion story with even one “okay” shot. One bad shot can kill four great ones.