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February 14th, 2014

DITA VON TEESE says that the key to a truly happy Valentine’s Day is great lingerie – and that goes for single girls as well as those in relationships. As she launches her latest underwear collection, entitled Her Sexellency, she explains how to find the perfect set and demonstrates exactly how to wear it in an exclusive film.

“I’ve spent many many Valentine’s Days as a single girl, and I still love my beautiful lingerie,” she says. “It makes me feel good about myself; it makes me feel like I’m embracing glamour in my everyday life, that I’m ready for moments of seduction whenever they come.”


January 21st, 2014

Danielle Steele caused quite a kerfuffle when she criticized San Francisco in The Wall Street Journal, saying, “There’s no style, nobody dresses up—you can’t be chic there.” For anyone, like Ms. Steele, who has abandoned hope that San Franciscans know how to get dolled up, the crowd at Dark Garden on Sunday was a welcome sight: Throngs of women in corsets and heels and perfect coiffures queueing up for the chance to meet burlesque queen Dita Von Teese.

The raven-haired beauty was at Dark Garden to promote her lingerie line, Von Follies by Dita Von Teese. (The shop, best known for its custom corsets, is currently the only retail location in the city that carries the Von Follies line.) We stole a few minutes with Dita to find out what influenced her lingerie and fragrance lines, who makes the best red lipstick, and how we can up our glamour quotient in 2014.

You’re glamorous and perfect, and we hear that you do your own hair and makeup. What’s your beauty routine like? How long does it take?
“It depends. On a normal day, I would just wear mascara, a bit of powder, red lipstick, and put my hair in a chignon. I can do that in under 10 minutes. That’s my normal day. For an event, I like to turn up the glamour. I spend about an hour getting ready, sometimes an hour and a half.”

Are there any particular red lipsticks that you would recommend?
“I have my favorites. I’m a big fan of a matte red lip. I think that MAC makes some very fine, very very powdery reds, which I really love. NARS makes some nice lip color. I like this brand called Make Up Store, (which is not Makeup Forever). They make some wonderful, very highly pigmented lipsticks, which is something I look for.”

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January 21st, 2014

Raven-haired burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese (born a natural blonde 41 years ago as Heather Renee Sweet) knows a thing or 36D about lingerie. Known from Paris to Pasadena for tastefully taking off her dainties, Von Teese has led the full-blown revival of striptease that continues to gather audiences seeking seduction over sex.

“I’m very surprised at the growing popularity of burlesque,” purrs the polished Von Teese, sitting on a Victorian settee at Dark Garden, the Hayes Valley custom corsetiere where many of her costumes are made. “When I began performing in 1991, I definitely did not think it would become a worldwide phenomenon. And I would never have dreamed I’d still be doing it.”

Von Teese is in town to promote her new Von Follies line of lacy lingerie, which will be carried at Dark Garden. This is the first time the collection will be sold in America, a continuation of her successful line of vintage-inspired bras, garter belts and panties that launched in Australian department stores in 2012.

“I had a lot to prove,” she says. “It was very important to have creative control over every aspect of the design. I’ve been observing the worlds of fetish gear and retro styles for years. I’ve designed the pieces I’ve always wished I could find.”

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November 17th, 2013

She’s the modern-day “Pied Piper of glamour”; renowned for dazzling, Swarovski-encrusted performance costumes, sophisticated burlesque routines and performances in front of fashion’s elite (Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin to name a few), with an on-stage presence that’s larger than life. Dita Von Teese takes time out to chat about her new lingerie collection, modern day beauty and everyday glamour.

Glamour Girl, Femme Fatale, whatever you call her, it’s Teese’s flair for reinvention and a self-proclaimed obsession with Golden Age Hollywood that led to a change of identity and career filled with glitz, glamour and femininity.
We sat down with Dita to talk about her new lingerie collection, her love of Technicolour beauty and everything in between…

Congratulations on your new line for Myer, it looks beautiful. What’s the inspiration behind it?
I wanted to do something that has all the little details of retro glamour, but with modernized shapes and styles. I took a lot of influence from my archive of vintage lingerie, but also I have a big library of catalogues and pin up magazines and things like that from the 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s. So I drew a lot of inspiration from that, and then I thought, how I take retro style and make it more accessible, wearable and functional in everyday life?

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November 17th, 2013

Dita Von Teese made a name for herself wearing racy lingerie during her shows as a burlesque dancer, so it’s no wonder she was in Australia to launch her own range of sexy underwear, exclusive to Myer. Kate Waterhouse caught up with the 41-year-old while she was in town to chat about how she maintains her porcelain skin, her hopes to one day start a family and how retirement is not on her agenda.

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October 24th, 2013

I met Jean Paul Gaultier in 2002 in Paris through my friend photographer Ali Mahdavi and legendary fashion muse Suzanne von Aichinger. When Jean Paul met me, he told me that he had pictures of me from my Playboy December 2002 magazine cover, which showcased all of my burlesque shows. At that time, I was well-known in the burlesque and pin-up world, but I wasn’t being invited to fashion shows, and I certainly wasn’t being dressed in haute couture for red carpets.

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October 15th, 2013

Erotique opens with a big huff of peppery, spicy woods, with an aura of rose. The scent reminds me of some of the real hippie sandalwood oils I used to get long ago that are pretty much gone from the scent landscape. One thing I really love about Erotique is that it straddles that very fine line between sexy and sweaty; I get just enough sweat to make it really alluring, while the leather just makes it all smell like someone earthy and amazing wearing great perfume and a good leather jacket (or corset, as the case may be). As the fragrance dries down, it holds ever-closer to the skin in a beguiling way. I keep sniffing and sighing. The longevity is quite good, and it has sneaky, sweet sillage: just when you think it’s gone you find yourself in a bit of your own scent trail.

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September 5th, 2013

Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese has launched her racy lingerie line in New Zealand, selling exclusively through Farmers department store.

The Von Follies range features 1950s-inspired pieces based on Von Teese’s personal collection of vintage lingerie.

A YouTube video posted last week titled “A message from Dita Von Teese to New Zealand” said she hoped to be able to bring her burlesque striptease show here as well.

“I would love to visit New Zealand someday. I hope that I’ll be able to see the store in person and meet my fans and maybe even put on a show.”

Von Teese said her line was based on vintage lingerie, updated to be more wearable in modern times.

Farmers’ managing director Rod McDermott said Von Teese was an international celebrity, setting trends worldwide, and her lingerie was providing an opportunity for women to enjoy glamour and confidence.

The Von Follies range is priced from $29.99 to $149.99.


July 29th, 2013

'Cleopatra' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film FestivalDita Von Teese claims that she is a very “modern woman” despite her love of antiques.

The 40-year-old burlesque dancer is famous for her classic style.

The gorgeous performer’s home is filled with antiques and odes to bygone eras.

Despite her penchant for relics, Dita argues that she is equally as in tune with the digital generation as anyone else.

“I’m a modern woman in a lot of ways. I don’t wear vintage shoes; I love technology, and I love Twitter,” she told People magazine.

“But I also love the history of my things. When I discover something rare and wonderful, I feel like it’s my responsibility to make sure it lives on.

“People always say, ‘Oh, she lives in another era.’ But it’s not true. I just love to be surrounded by things of glamour and beauty.”

Dita doesn’t embrace all modernity however.

She is happy with the colourful, bulky and beautifully adorned furniture in her home and couldn’t imagine taking on a modern architectural look.

“I can’t stand modern white interiors. IKEA is my worst nightmare!” she said.

“I can’t imagine living in one of those stark, modern, slick, cold homes.”

Dita is proud of the pinup art and stuffed animals in her property.

She believes her unique items add character to her living space.

“I collect antique or ethical taxidermy – meaning the animals died naturally. I think they’re beautiful,” she explained.


July 9th, 2013

After teasing us for months the new Von Follies by Dita Von Teese lingerie line is now available.

This year we have shared the LA burlesque dancer modelling her Von Follies by Dita Von Teese range. Finally the entire SS13 underwear line is available. Here’s what you can get and where.


Man Catcher (Blue)

The Man Catcher in blue can be found exclusively in the UK at Debenhams alongsidepink which arrived in June. It was also made available in green at ASOS and Glamusein June 2013. Perfect for putting a little colour in your lingerie collection, especially if you can’t decide what colour.


Leading Lady (Pink)
It has finally been made available at ASOS and Debenhams for July 2013. Happy sigh.
Fanfare and Her Sexellency
Fanfare and Her Sexellency can now be purchased via ASOS and Glamuse for July 2013. Classic black lingerie at its best.

The Frivoliteese was also teased in March 2013. For June 2013 it is now available onASOS and Stylebop. From July 2013 it has also joined the underwear line available at Glamuse. Flirty and fun.


Savoir Faire
Look lovely in lace with the Savoir Faire at ASOSGlamuse and Stylebop.


Star Lift (Blue)
The Star Lift in watermelon first arrived at Glamuse in May then Debenhams and ASOS for June 2013. It’s now also available in blue at ASOS and Glamuse. This style will suit any taste, whether you want bright and bubbly or pale and dreamy.


Madam X
The Madam X designs are in ASOSGlamuse and Stylebop starting from July 2013. Unfortunately, the shoes probably aren’t thrown in but we can dream.


Sophia Bra and Brief
The Sophia bra and brief has been seen in ASOSGlamuse and Stylebop since June 2013. We’ve seen Dita Von Teese modelling the polka dots before and we can see why.


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